New Jersey Forest Fire Service

Copyright 2013

By John H. Rieth


The New Jersey Forest Fire Service protects more then 3.2 million acres of public and private wildlands through out New Jersey. The New Jersey Forest Fire Service is in the Division of Parks and Forestry, in the Department of Environmental Protection. Approximately 89 full time firefighters (Forest Fire Wardens), Forest Fire Observers, Fleet Repair Personnel, Office Staff, and other support are employed by the agency. In addition, 1200 part-time/paid per-calls fire fighters are available. In 2012 many full time personnel have retired, and many of the Forest Fire Observers positions have not yet been filled.

            The State is divided into three geographical Divisions. Each division; North (A), Central (B), and South (C), are to have a Division Warden and two Assistant Division Wardens. Each Division is divided into Sections of about 100,000 acres. Each section is administered by a full time Section Forest Fire Warden who is equipped with an off road wildland engine. Each Section is then divided into districts, which are about 15,000 acres. Each district has a part-time District Forest Fire Warden. Some District Wardens are assigned a fire apparatus, other do not operate apparatus. Each District has at lest one Deputy Forest Fire Warden to assist the District Wardens. The Fire Apparatus that are assigned out in the field are usually kept at the wardens residences, others are kept at state facilities like parks, and others are kept in municipal fire stations.

  Due to retirements, ten forest fire lookout towers do not have full time observers; one section does not have a section warden. In these areas the section is being covered by other section wardens. Each division office as well as the state HQ has vacant Assistant or Division Wardens positions. Division A and Division C shops each have vacant mechanics positions.

  In addition to the state Forest Fire Service, several other state agencies and municipal fire companies/departments have cooperator units. These trucks are usually 4x4 or 6x6 military, or other federal agency vehicles, that were obtained from the Federal Excess Property Program, in which the Federal Government owns the vehicles, and are “on Loan” to either the state or the municipal fire departments. All co-op units come under control of the NJ Forest Fire Service. Currently over 20 such units are in service through out NJ, including 3 state parks, and 1 State Wildlife Management Area. In addition the Forest Fire Service operates over 100 federal excess vehicles and machines are in front line service.

            Dispatch is done by the nearest Forest Fire Lookout Tower, the Division Headquarters, then Trenton DEP Dispatch, and or various County Communication Centers. Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Burlington, Hunterdon, Gloucester, Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean, Somerset, and Warren Counties all have county wide fire communications centers.

 The lookout towers each have an alidade, which is a compass like plotting table which will give a degree reading, for plotting on a map when the observer notices smoke from a fire. The fire location is known by triangulation with the help of readings from other lookout towers. The lookout towers then dispatch local forest fire units to the fire. Towers are on duty when ever the woods are dry enough to burn, especially in the March-May, and October – November fire seasons. Towers are on duty 9-5 in the winter months, and 6-10 in the spring and summer. Today 21 towers are in-service through out New Jersey. After hours a Division Duty Officer, DEP. Dispatch, county communications, or local dispatcher will contact forest fire wardens by phone, or radio for responses.

            Depending on the time of day, season of the year, the location, current weather conditions, or fire behavior, will result in which and how many resources will be dispatch to a wildfire. If the observer in the lookout towers observes dangerous fire behavior, additional units may be dispatched immediately. In the spring fire season it would not be uncommon to dispatch several off road wildland engines type6x, a SEAT or single engine air tanker, and possibly even a tractor-plow/dozer. Other times of the year when the fire danger is low, only one unit may be dispatched. The Division offices may also dispatch units to incidents, especially on larger incidents, which require resources from through out the division, or even from the other divisions. The Trenton office may coordinate division resources for assignments to other divisions.

Usually helicopters and heavy equipment (large dozers ECT), are not dispatched on the initial dispatch, except in remote locations where access is difficult and or if early recon form the aircraft is needed to find the location of fire.

 Fire apparatus consists of 97 (excluding 6 2011 Dodge 3500 4x4s) Initial attack off-road wildland engines, most of the trucks ninety six (96) of them are type 6x engines. The other two are type 7 xs. All but two are equipped with full brush cages, which are a series of pipes, bars, and metal plates that are welded to the truck. This protection includes steel plates under the truck to protect the fuel tank, engine, transmission, and other vital parts. The brush protection goes around the truck and over the truck as well. In Southern and Central New Jersey the Pine Barrens environment, which includes sandy soil, and thick under story, with Pitch Pine, Sort Leaf Virginia Pine as the predominant trees, allow for “running down” of fires. These is where generally two trucks cut a path into the woods with the truck, and run counter clockwise around the fire while constructing control lies. This method is also used in Cape Cod area were their trucks are called Brush Breakers or Breaker for short. Similar trucks on Long Island are called Stump Jumpers, Northern Texas, Michigan, and parts of Florida.

 As of July 27, 2012, Division A operated 26 off road wildland engines, including two Type 7 and 23 type 6x engines. Of the 26 engines one 1991 Dodge 350, two 1996 Dodge 3500s are in service. In 2000 several Ford F-350 were delivered, 5 went to Div. A. Two 2001 Ford F-450s are in service, Two 2002 Ford F-450 are in service, as well as two 2003 Ford F-450s. Two 2004 Ford F-450, and One 2006 Ford F-450, and one 2007 Ford F-450s V-10 gas are all in service. Two 1986 Chevy M-1008 4x4 pick up with a slip on is in service as well as one 1993 Chevy 3500 4x4 with a utility body. Two new Dodge 2012 model year 3500 4x4 are in service. These units do not have the New Jersey Brush Cage, and can not push through the trees and brush. Three new 2012 Dodge model year 3500 with brush cages are now in service.

Division B has in service 36 Engines and one spare. Two 1985 Dodge 350s, four 1990 Dodge 350s, four 1991 Dodge 350s, one 1992 Dodge 350, and three 1996 Dodge 3500. Five 2000 Ford F-350s, five 2001 Ford F-450, and one 2002 Ford F-450 are in Service. In addition, there are three 2003 Ford F-450s, two 2004 Ford F-450s, two 2006 Ford F-450s with the V10 gas engines, and three 2008 Ford F-350 with the V-10 gas engine are in the fleet. One 1986 Chevy M-1008 4x4 type 6x engine with a utility body and full brush protection is also in service. One 2012 Dodge 3500 is in service. Six other 2012 Dodge 3500 are currently under construction. Another 1996 Dodge 3500 was reassigned to Div B, but in not in service.

 Division C currently has in service 35 engines with one spare. The break down includes one 1990 Dodge 350, one 1992 Dodge 350, and four 1996 Dodge 3500s. Seven 2000 Ford F-350s are in service. In 2001 five Ford F-450 were delivered, three 2002 Ford F-450s, two 2003 Ford F-450s, two 2004 Ford F-450s, Five 2006 Ford F-450s with the V10 gas engines were delivered. In 2007 one Ford F-450 V10 was delivered. In 2008 three Ford F-350 V10 gas engines were delivered, the last unit was placed into service in 2012. One new 2012 Dodge 3500 is in service. Four new 2012 Dodge 3500 are under construction.

As of 11/27/12, the NJFFS has 97 in service Off-Road Wildland Engines. These include 2 1985 Dodge 350s, 1 1986 Dodge 350, 1 1986 Chevy 350, 6 1990 Dodge 350s, 5 1991 Dodge 350s, 1 1992 Dodge 350s, 10 1996 Dodge 3500s (one is currently out of service), 17 2000 Ford F-350s, 12 2001 Ford F-450s, 6 2002 Ford F-450s, 7 2003 Ford F-450s, 5 2004 Ford F-450s, 8 2006 Ford F-450s V-10 gas, 2 2007 Ford F-350s gas V-10s, 6 2008 Ford F-350s V-10 gas. Eight 2012 Dodge 3500, two of which do not have brush cages. Three Chevys two 1986 and a 1992 are from the FEEP and do not have brush cages.

 In November of 2011 12 brand new Dodge 3500 4x4 have been delivered, and as of 8/11/12 6 of 7 are in service. In addition in November 2011 five more Dodge 3500 4x4 were ordered. In Sepetember of 2012 6 additional Dodge 3500.

Twelve Type four engines are in-service, three of which are 4x4s. All of the trucks usually tow a trailer with either a John Deere 350,450, or Kumstus D21 dozer/tractor plow. Each type four engine has a Hale 250 gpm engine drive pump except for one unit, which has a 750 gpm pto driven pump. Most of these units were acquired from the Federal Excess Personal Property Program. Three additional type 4s are under constructions, which are 2011 Freightliner M2 s. Of the type 4 engines a 1986 International International S with a utility body and a 650 gallon tank. A 1988 GMC C70 with a Knaphide body with a 500 gallon tank. Another 1988 Ford F-800 with an old military body fitted with a 500 gallon tank. One 1988 International 4900 4x4 with an Altec body with a 500 gallon tank is in service. A 1991 Ford F-750 water tender was refurbished in 2010 with a new Knaphide body and now has an 850 gallon tank. A unique 1991 International 4900 4x4/ JC Moore Type 2 engine with a 750 pump and a 500 gallon tank, which was donated by the Lakewood NJ Fire Dept. A 1993 International 4x4 4900 chassis was used to build a type four engine in 2009. This unit has a 500 gallon tank and a Knaphide Body. Currently five type 4 engines were bought brand new by the state as type 4 engines. These include two 2003 GMC C7500 Top Kicks with a Knaphide bodies and 750 gallon tanks. Three 2005 GMC C8500 Top Kicks chassis were delivered with Kaphide bodies one with a 900 gallon tank, and two with 1000 gallon tank. In addition, Division A has a 500 gallon CAFS slip-on or skid unit that can be fitted on various chassis in Div. An including dump trucks, and or flood/storm trucks. Three 2011 FL M2-80 chassis are currently under construction , these will have a 2011 Knaphide bodies with a 250 gpm pump and 1000 gallons of water, one for Division B and two for Division C.

 Currently 6 water tenders are in service and two are under construction. (One 2011 FL M2 and a 1984 Military M 932). The military chassis as well as the International chassis were acquired from the FEPP. Each water tender in service had a 250 gpm engine drive pump, and a 1200 gallon. Most have a dump valves and most carry a 1500 gallon snap-tank. One 1983 Ford F-750/Amthors is in service in Div.B. A Military 6x6 5-ton AMG M932 built in 1983 was converted into water tender. One additional 1984 Military 6x6 5-ton AMG M-932 is in service, as well as another currently under conversion. One 1984 GMC C70/Amthors and one 1985 Chevy C70/Amthors are also in service. A 1985 International S 1200 gallon tender is all so in service. The newest tender is a 2011 Freightliner M2/ with an older Amthors body, this unit also has a 1200 gallon tank.

Other support trucks that respond to incidents include five truck tractors for Simi-trailers including low boys to move heavy equipment. One 1988 Volvo/Whit/GMC cab over, and one 1992 Ford L 9000 , and three 1997 International 8600s are all in service. Currently 5 roll back transport trucks are in service, including three 2011 Ford F-750 Millers, and one GMC C8500 Top-Kick, and one 1979 Chevy rool-back. Several dump trucks haul tractors that carry tractor plows. These include two 2011 Freightliner M2, a 2003 GMC C7500 Top-Kick, and a 1985 GMC C70. Several other dump trucks are available for work at the air bases and road work. Two forestry body tractor transports are in-service, which currently include a 1988 GMC Brigadier, and a 1989 6x6 International 4900 both have a 2001 Warren Forestry Bodies.

 Two Helitack units are in-service which include a 2000 Dodge 3500 4x4 and a 1996 Chevy 3500 4x4. These units carry extra equipment and supplies for pro-long helicopter operations remote from air-bases. Four fuel trucks are available for av-gas for pro-long incidents as well. Six military 6x6s from the 1980’s to the early 1990s are in-service as personal transport or storm response units to assist local responders.

Other vehicles include staff cars like Ford LTDs, various pick-up, and SUVS. Additional trucks such as box trucks, rack bodies, flat beds, vans, pick-up are used for logistical support of the organization both routine and at incidents.

  Small John Deere 350-400s are used regularly at fires in divisions B, C and in A7. The Larger units like the John Deere 450&750, a Cat D7, D4 and other special tracked or off road vehicles/machines are only used as needed.

            The Forest Fire Service has six helicopters in service, and has three fixed wing aircraft. The Forest Fire Service also contracts with the Downstown Airocrop Corp. for four SEATs (Single Engine Air Takers). Two aircraft are Grumman AgCats, and two Air Tractors crop duster are used from March to May, and if need any other time of the year. Downstown can normally supply a number of aircraft during dry spells other then the spring wildfire season. Currently two air bases are operated by the New Jersey Forest Fire Service, one at Airoflex in Andover, Sussex County. The Main Air Base is Coyle Field in Woodland Twsp., Burlington County. The Forest Fire Service also operates an air strip at Strawberry Field in Hamilton Twsp., Atlantic County. In the late 1990’s ten SEATs were under contract, due to limited funding the number has been dropped to 4 units for 2012.

A major fire is declared when a fire reaches 100 acres, this is when additional support is provided to the Incident, such as Mobil command post, overhead support, including the Incident management team ( a type 2 IC team is being developed in 2011), and fleet maintenance personnel are dispatch. All specialized units may be called on smaller incidents as needed. Including large agriculture pumps, and other specialized equipment. Helicopters can be used on smaller fire to help access remote areas, by using Bambi buckets for water drops, or airlifting equipment and firefighters to reach remote areas, as well as lighting backfires.

            Major fires in Central and Southern New Jersey in the Pine Barrens areas, can be mostly contained in 24-48 hours, due to the use of mechanized attack with off road wildland engines, and tractor plows/dozers. Larger fires in the mountainous areas in Northern New Jersey, require mostly manual suppression, thus much more manpower maybe needed. Many of these type fires in Northern New Jersey can not be reached by trucks. Helicopters and or hiking and the use of hand crews are needed. These fires could take several days to contain; some times these fires can turn into campaign fires, where sleeping tents, food, and other logistical arrangements are made to support fire suppression efforts for several days or even weeks.

 The urban areas of north eastern New Jersey (Hudson, most Essex, most of Union, and northern Middlesex), as well as areas along the Delaware River from Trenton south to the Salem County, as well as some other suburban and heavy agriculture areas such as the Bayshore of Monmouth County, and farming areas of Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem counties, are not in the Primary Response area. Wildfires in these areas are handled by local fire departments, if they require help; they can call the Forest Fire Service on mutual aid, just like calling any other fire department when help is needed. All other areas of the state in the primary response area, which will receive a response from the forest fire service for wildfires, also the control of all agencies/departments working on a wildfire incident as well as the legal responsibility for suppression is with the New Jersey Forest Fire Service in all primary response areas.

 The Forest Fire Service also responds to other emergency, such as floods, storms, wilderness/missing persons searches, aircraft crashes, snow storms, vehicle, and even structure fires in hard to reach remote areas. The Forest Fire Service also assists local law enforcement agencies, emergency managements, and Emergency Medical Services, usually in hard to reach remote areas.

            The Forest Fire Service full time Forest Fire Wardens are law enforcement officers, and enforce state laws including forest fire laws, and air pollutions regulations.

            The Federal Government has several land use agencies in New Jersey; these agencies are responsible for wildfire suppression on their property. Each agency has a cooperative agreement with the New Jersey Forest Fire Service, where all units can help each other at wildfire incidents. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has several properties in New Jersey including Walkill refuge in Sussex County 5100 acres, Supawna Refuge in Salem County 3000 acres , the Great Swamp in Morris County 7600 acres , the Edwin B Forsythe NWR 46,000 acres which has several units in Costal Ocean and Atlantic Counties, and the Cape May NWR 11,000 acres. The US Fish and Wildlife Service have about 15 trained fire fighters, and currently operate 2 type 6x engines.

The National Park Service operates form several properties in New Jersey. The Delaware Watergap National Recreation Area’s Fire Management Officer (FMO), over sees about 50 trained fire fighters in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey side of the Delaware River. Other areas include the Edison National Historic Site in W. Orange, Jockey Hallow (Morristown) Historic Site. In all 4 type 6x engines and type 7 engine are in service, spread out at all units.

  The Gateway National Recreation Area 26,000 acres both in New York and New Jersey. The Sandy Hook Unit operates several structural apparatus and two wildland units.


US Fish & Wildlife Service

NJWK-6-1      2000    Ford F-450/S&S         150/250 @ Walkill Refuge

NJWK-6-2      2005    Ford F-450/BME        150/250 @ Walkill Refuge

NJWK-6-3?    2003?  Marshmaster               95/200 @ Walkill Refuge

National Park Service

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Type 6x          ????

Type 6x          ????

Type 7x          ????

Type 7x          ????

Gateway National Recreation Area, Sandy Hook Unit Monmouth County

74-93              2004    Ford F-350 4x4 PU     100/200           Type 7x 

74-94              2009    Ford F-350 4x4/Reading100/250       Type 6x

74-75              1994    Seagrave         1500/500         Type I Structural Engine

Other Quasi-State Agencies in New Jersey

The Meadowlands Development Authority, a state agency has several slip-on units they put in pick-up trucks to help control fires in the New Jersey Meadowlands area.

The Palisades Interstate Park/Parkway Commission operates several wildland units. In the Palisades Park and the Sterling Forest Park.

Today 5 engines are in-service.

            Type 6x

            Type 6x

            Type 7x

Type 7x

Type 2 x 1973 AMC 530C 6x6 pumper 500/500


The New Jersey Sports Authority @ the Meadowlands Sports Complex operates several structural apparatus and E-99-1 2007 Ford F-450/Omaha/Cliffside 200/300/25b Field truck

The Port Authority of NY & NJ at Newark Liberty Airport operates.

B58020           2001    GMC 4x4 pick-up CAFS/150


Monmouth County Parks System operates about 10 slip-on units located at the following parks.

Tatum Park in Middletown

Hartshorne Park in Middletown (2 units)

Bayshore Marina/Henry Hudson Trail in Middletown

Holmdel Park

Shark River Park in Wall

Manasquan River Reservoir in Howell

Thompson Park in Middletown

Turkey Swamp Park in Freehold


The US Military operates several Bases which have large wildland areas.

Picatinny Arsenal in Morris County has several structural engines as well as one wildland unit.

E-19                2008 Int. 4900 4x4/Pierce Contender 500/500         Type III Eng.

T-19                2009 Int.Workstar/Pierce                   1000/3000     Pumper-tanker

75-74              1997    Freightliner FL-80/Pierce 4x4             1250/500/50/50 Type 1x Interface

                        Ex Ft. Monmouth FD

Ft. Dix (Joint Base FD)Burlington County has several structural apparatus including several wildland units.

3827                2006    Ford F-450 4x4           250/250           Brush Protection

3828                2006    Ford F-450 4x4           250/250           Brush Protection

3826                2009/10 Ford F-450 4x4/Lees250/250           Brush Protection

McGuire (Joint Base FD) Air Force Base Burlington County

T-3836            1993    International/West Mark EL   1250/5000       Tanker-pumper

Ft. Dix (Joint Base) Natural Resources

6846                2001    Ford F-550 4x4 flat bed          250/300

684?                199?    Hummer 4x4                          250/250

684?                198?    Ford F-700 dump w/ John Deer 350 Tractor-plow

US Navy Lakehurst Air Engineering Center (Joint Base FD), Lakehurst, Ocean County

6319                1991    Hummer 4x4              250/300           Brush Protection

6329                1991    Hummer 4x4              250/300           Brush Protection

US Naval Weapons Station Earle, Colts Neck, Monmouth County.

94-93              2003    Ford F-550/E-1 4x4    200/350           Jack Rabbit

94-94              2005    Ford F-550/BME 4x4 200/350           Brush Protection

94-96              2006    International/Pierce    1000/3000       Pumper-tanker


NJ. Air National Guard (Air Force) Warren Grove Aerial Range

F-1      4226?  1997 M35A3           150/500/6A     Brush Protection

F-2      4227?  1997    M35A3           150/500/6A     Brush Protection

Atlantic City International Airport 177 Fighter Wing NJ Air National Guard

Tanker 21       1987    International Paystar/KME 6x6 500/2000 tender OOS.

New Tender 21 2012  International Workstar/KME 1250/4000 tender

New Jersey Forest Fire Service Roster


A1                   2012    Dodge 3500    250                  Branchville                 no protection

A2                   2007    Ford F-450      308                  W.Milford                  has well

A3                   2012    Dodge 3500    250                  Hardwick                    no protection

A4                   2012    Dodge 3500    250                  Andover Tosp.                        has well

A5                   2004    Ford F-450      180                  Rockaway

A6                   2006    Ford F-450      308                  Stewartsville               has well

A7                   2012    Dodge 3500    250                                                      has well

A8                   2012    Dodge 3500    250                  Frenchtown

A9                   2000    Ford F-350      230                  Stillwater

A10                 2003    Ford F-450      265                                                      has well ex A4

A11                 1996    Dodge 3500    230                  Johnsonburg               has well

A12                 2001    Ford F450       300                  Washington

A13                 1991/10 Ford F750     850                  Budd Lake                  Type 4 ex A43

A14                 2002    Ford F-450      180                  Boonton                      has well

A15                 2000    Ford F-350      250                  Hillsborough               has well

A16                 2001    Ford F-450      230                  Oakland                      has well

A17                 1991    Dodge             230                  W.Milford

A18                 2000    Ford F-350      230                  Hopatcong                  has well

A19                 1996    Dodge 3500    235                  Chester

A 20                2011    Freightliner     250/1200         Branchville                 Tender

A21                 2002    Ford F-450      180                  Mcaffee 

A22                 1994    Chevy 3500 4x4 200              Ringwood

A23                 2000    Ford F-350      235                  Hamburg

A24                 2000    Ford F-350      275                  Chester                       has well

A25                 1985    International   1200                Lambertville

A26                 1985    Chevy M-1008 180                Port Murry

A27                 2003    Ford F-450      265                  Hackettstown              has well

A28                 2003    GMC Top Kick 750               West Milford              Type 4

A29                 2006    GMC Top Kick 1000             Ironia                          Type 4

A30                 2004    Ford F-350      250                  Whitehouse

A31                 2006    Ford E-350     Van                 Andover Shop

A32                 2001    Dodge 2500 Pick-up               Shop Supervisor

A33                 2001    Dodge Durango                      Andover Shop

A34                 2002    Dodge 2500 utility                 Andover Shop

A40                 1997    Int. Truck Tractor                   Andover Shop

A41                 2011    Ford F-750 Roll Back             Andover Shop

A42                 1988 International   bucket truck    Andover Shop

A43                 2011    Frightliner FL Dump Truck    Andover Shop

A44                 1983    AMC M-932 6x6        1200    Andover ShopTender

A45                 1990    Chevy 4x4 4-door pick-up      Andover Shop

A46                 1994    Chevy small rack body           Andover Shop

A47                 1998    Ford Pick up                           Andover Shop

A48                 1992    Ford F850 4x4 dump w/CAFS Andover Shop 500 gallon tank

A49                 1995    AMG M35A3 6x6                  Andover Shop

A60                 1982    Int. S Dump Truck                  Air Base

A61                 2002    Dodge 4x4 pick-up with snow plow   Air Base

A62                 2000    Dodge 4x4 utility Helitack     Airbase

A90                 1997    Ford pick-up                           Liberty State Park

A49-1             1985    AMG M900 6x5 Flood TruckAndover Shop

Car 35             2012    Chevy 1500 4x4 4-door pick-up Glrnwood

Car 34             2006    Dodge 1500     Pick-up          Shop Forman

Car 36             2005    Dodge Dokota Pick-up           West Milford

Car 37             2004    Dodge Dakota Pick-up          Andover HQ

Car 38             2006    Ford F-350 4x4 service truck Hamburg

Car 39             2006    Ford F-350 4x4 service truck Wantage

MU-101          1980    John Deere 350 Dozer            OOS Andover Shop

MU-102          1978    John Deere 350 Dozer            Ringwood

MU-103          2010    Komatsu D21                         Andover Shop

MU-104          Suzuki Quad

MU-105          Honda Quad

MU-106          1994    Polaris 6x6 quad                     Andover Shop

MU-107          2005    Polaris 6x6                              Andover Shop

MU108           1988    Yamaha 4x4                           Andover Shop

MU-110          1987    Drasser Front end loader        Air Base

MU-111          1986    Ford Backhoe                         Andover Shop

MU-114                      John Deere      front-end loader Andover Shop

MU-126                      Galion crane                           Andover Shop

MU-101          1992    Cat D4 dozer                          Andover Shop

MU-102?        1996    Cat D3 dozer

TL-102                       Mobile HQ trailer

TL-111                       Rehab trailer

Note Div A is using a NJ. Park Service 1977 Ford L9000 truck tractor for the lowboy trailer.

One brand new Dodge 3500 4x4 are currently under Construction.


B1                   2006    Ford F-450                  250      Medford V10 gas

B2                   2006    Ford F-450                  250      Chatsworth V10 gas

B3                   2008    Ford F-350                  250      Chatsworth V10 gas

B4                   2001    Ford F-450                  250      Tuckerton

B5                   2001    Ford F-450                  250      Forked River

B6                   2008    Ford F-350                  250      Browns Mills  V10

B7                   2003    Ford F-450                  250      Beachwood

B8                   2012    Dodge 3500                250      Glendola (Wall)

B9                   2002    Ford F-450                  250      Jackson

B10                 2008    Ford F-350                  250 S. Brunswick V10

B11                 2002    Ford F-450                  250      Green Bank ex B2

B12                 1990    Dodge                         250      New Gretna

B13                 1992    Dodge                         250      Browns Mills

B14                 2000    Ford F-350                  250      Chatsworth

B15                 2003    GMC Top-Kick          750      Toms River

B16                 1996    Dodge 3500                250      Southampton

B17                 2000    Ford F-350                  250      Jackson

B18                 1991    Dodge                         250      Passadena old Car 51

B19                 1996    Dodge 3500                250      Tuckerton

B20                 2000    Ford F-350                  250      Barnegat

B21                 1991    Dodge                         250      New Egypt ex C41

B22                 1990    Dodge                         250      Browns Mills (D)

B23                 2003    Ford F-450                  250      Tabernacle ex B3

B24                 1996    Dodge 3500                250      Shamong

B25                 1991    Dodge                         250      Morganville

B26                 1983    Ford F-700/Amthors   1200    Medford

B27                 2001    Ford F-450 ex B1       250      Mayette (Stafford)

B28                 1990   Dodge                         250      Lower Bank    old A28 diesel

B29                 No Such Unit was dump truck in sect.7

B30                 1988    Int.S/Altec                  500      Green Bank Type 3 X E w/mu 212

B31                 1985    Dodge                         250      Whiting

B32                 2000    Ford F-350                  250      Toms River

B33                 1986    Chevy M-1008           250      Toms River

B34                 2000    Ford F-350                  250      Lakewood

B35                 2001    Ford F-450                  250      Lanoka Harbor ex B10

B36                 1990    Dodge                         250      Lakewood

B37                 2004    Ford F-450                  250      Jamesburg ex B10

B38                 2001    Ford F-450                  250      Lakehurst ex B6

B39                 1985    Dodge                         250      Toms River ex B23

B40                 1990    Dodge                         250      Shamong to be B46 in 2012.

New B41        2010    Frightliner FL90 Dump truck Shamong w/mu-201

B41                 1985    GMC C           Dump              Jackson            acting B45w/mu-209

B42                 1988    Ford F-800                  500      Browns Mills   95 gpm w/mu-206

B43                 2003    Ford F-450                  250      Glendola (Wall)

B44                 2005    GMC C8500/Knaphide800    S. Brunswick Type 4 E w/mu-210

B45                 OOS to be a 2011 Freightliner M2

B46                 1983    Ford F-700 Dump                   Chatswoth       w/mu 202

B47                 1993    Int.4900 4x4/ Knaphide 500   Waretown       Type 4x w/mu 205

B48                 No such unit

B49                 1991    Int.4900 4x4/JC Moore 500    Lakewood       Type 3X E w/mu 208

B50                 1982    Int. S   Dump                          Tabernacle      w/mu 203

B51                 1988    GMC C                       500      Little Egg Harbor Type 3 w/mu 204

B68              1991    Dodge                         250      New Lisbon Shop spare ex B43

Old A27          1996    Dodge 3500                            to be reassigned

Car 41             2009    Dodge 1500 4-door PU          Staff car

Car J               2007    Dodge Dakota 4-door PU       Staff car

Car 42             2007    Dodge Dakota PU 4x4           Staff car

Car 50             2001    Chevy 4x4 Pick-up                 Shop Forman

Car 51             2001    Ford F-350                              Service/Repair truck

Car 52             2004    Ford F-350                              Service/Repair truck

Car 53             2006    Ford F-350                              Service/Repair truck

54                    2001    Ford F-250 Pick-up                New Lisbon Shop

55                    1986    Chevy M-1008                       Jenkins Pick-up Fuel tank

56                    1984    Chevy M-1008 Pick-up          New Lisbon Shop Fuel tank

57                    1979    Chevy Roll Back                    New Lisbon Shop

58                    1986    GMC C/Holmes Wrecker       New Lisbon Shop

59                    1997    Int. 8600 Truck Tractor          New Lisbon Shop

60                    1992    Ford L9000 truck tractor        NLS non emergency use (Blue)

61A                 1992    Dodge Van                             New Lisbon Shop OOS

61                                Ford E-350 van                       New Lisbon Shop OOS

62                    2002    Ford F-150 pick –up ex 92     New Lisbon Shop

64                    1987    GMC C/ Jerrdan Roll Back    New Lisbon Shop

65                    1988/01GMC Brigadier/ Warren        New Lisbon Shop Equ. Transport

66                    1996    Dodge Dakota pick-up blue    New Lisbon Shop

67                    2000    Ford F-150 Pick-up                New Lisbon Shop

68                    2000    Ford F-150 Pick-up                New Lisbon Shop 

69                    1993    AMG M35A3 6x6                  New Lisbon Shop Storm Response

MU- 201         2009    Kamatsu D21p dozer/plow     Medford

MU-202          1980    John Deere 350 dozer/plow    Chatsworth

ExMU-203     1979    John Deere 350 dozer/plow    OOS

MU 203          1977    John Deere 350 dozer/plow    Tabernacle

MU-204          1979    John Deere 350 dozer/plow    Little Egg Harbor

MU-250          1980    John Deere 350 dozer/plow     NLS

MU-205          2001    John Deere 450 dozer/plow    Waretown Ex 220

MU-206          1981    John Deere 350 dozer/plow    Browns Mills

New MU 207  2012    Kamatsu D21 dozer/plow       Toms River not yet in service

MU-207          1989    John Deere 400 dozer/plow    Toms River to be spare

MU-208          1979    John Deere 350 dozer/plow    Lakewood

MU-209          1979    John Deere 350 dozer/plow    Jackson

MU-222          to be ex MU 207 1989 JD 400           New Lisbon Shop

MU-223          1978    John Deere 350 track-loader   New Lisbon Shop

MU-216          1970    Case front end loader              New Lisbon Shop

MU-217          1984    Gallon Grader ex DOT           New Lisbon Shop

MU-218          1982    John Deere back-hoe              New Lisbon Shop

MU-219          1965    ??? Front End Loader             New Lisbon Shop OOS

MU-413          1989    John Deere 750 dozer             New Lisbon Shop

MU-235          2009    John Deere 450 dozer/plow    New Lisbon Shop

MU-250          1980    John Deere 350 dozer/plow    New Lisbon Shop ex 205

MU-22            198?    International Farm Tractor     B10 HQ

TL-                             ICP Trailer #1

TL-                             ICP Trailer #2

TL-                             Rehab Trailer

State Agencies with Cooperator Units

1M29              1986    Chevy M-1008 PU     200      Bass River State Park Slip-on

1M44              1986    Dodge 350 4x4           250      Brandon Byrne State Park X NJFFS

4F9                 1986    Chevy M-1008 PU     200      Allaire State Park Slip-on

B-437A           1988    Chevy 4x4                  200      Colliers Mills WMA full Protection

Island Beach State Park has a 1986? Chevy M-1008 pick-up not in service

 Two M900 dump truck assisgned to Div B not yet in service.



C1                   2008    Ford F-350                  250      Oceanview

C2                   2011/12 Dodge 3500              250      Steelmantown

C3                   2007    Ford F-350                  250      Millville V10Gas

C4                   2006    Ford F-450                  250      E. Vineland

C5                   2006    Ford F-450                  250      Mays Landing

C6                   2006    Ford F-450                  250      Blue Anchor ex C12

C7                   2006    Ford F-450                  250      Egg Harbor City

C8                   2006    Ford F-350                  250      Egg Harbor City

C9                   2008    Ford F-450                  250      Collings lakes V10 Gas

C10                 2003    Ford F-450                  250      Pittsgrove

C11                 2003    Ford F-450                  250      Atco

C12                 2000    Ford F-350                  250      ex C6 Mays Landing? OOS?

C1A                2000    Ford F-350                  250      Rio Grande

C3A                1996    Dodge 3500                250      Mauricetown

C4A                1996    Dodge 3500                250      Vineland

C5A                1990    Dodge                         250      Richland 

C6A                2001    Ford F-450                  250      Blue Anchor

C8A                1990    Dodge                         250      Devonshire

C10A              2000    Ford F-350                  250      Cobbs Mill

C11A              2000    Ford F-350                  250      Winslow

C13                 2005    GMC/Knaphide          1000 Hammonton                Type 4 engine

C14                 1986    Chevy C/Amthors       1200    Pittsgrove

C15                 2001    Ford F-450                  250      Millville ex C4

C16                 2000    Ford F-350                  250      Mizpah

New C16        2010    Freightliner                 1000    under cont.                  Type 4 engine

C17                 2002    Ford F450                   250      Woodbine

New C18        2010    Frightliner                   1000    under cont.                  Type 4 engine

C18                 1986    Int. S                           650      Williamstown             Type 4 engine

C19                 2000    Ford F-350                  250      Egg Harbor

C20                 1983    Chevy C /Amthors      1200    OOS!

C21                 1996    Dodge 3500                250      Galloway

C22                 2001    Ford F-450 ex C8       250      Laureldale

C23                 No Such Unit

C24                 1984    AMC M-932 6x6        1200    Millville

C25                 2000    Ford F-350                  250      Janvier

C26                 2004    Ford F-450                  250      Egg Harbor

New C27        2004    Ford F-450                  250      Port Elizabeth

C27                 1992    Dodge                         250      Port Elizabeth OOS!

C28                 2001    Ford F-450                  250      Millville

C29                 1990    Dodge                         250      OOS ex C21

C30                 1984    AMC M-932 6x6        1200    Weekstown w/TK 306

C31                 1980    International S truck Tractor Mays Landing Shop ex 93

C32                 1993    Ford F-250 4-door Pick-up     Mays Landing Shop

C33                 2004    Dodge 1500                            Shop Forman 

C6?                 1989    Ford F-700 Roll Back             Mays Landing Shop ex 89

C39                 2002    Ford F-450                  250      Vineland

C40                 No such unit

C41                 2002    Ford F-450                  250      Oceanview Ex C1

C50                 2001    Ford F-450 ex C7       250      Oceanville w TK 307

C51                 1987    Chevy Jerrdan Roll Back        Mays Landing Shop

C52                 1996    Dodge                         250      Mays Landing Shop Spare

C54                 1998    Ford E-350 van                       Mays Landing Shop

C55                 No Such Unit

C56                 2001    Chevy Pick-up                        Mays Landing Shop

C57                 1994    Chevy S10 Pick-up                 Mays Landing Shop

C60?               2011    Ford F-700 Roll Back             Mays Landing Shop

C61?               2002    GMC Top-Kick roll back       Mays Landing Shop

C62                 2003    GMC Top-Kick Dump Truck Mays Landing Shop

C63                 1984    GMC/Amthors           1200     Mays Landing Shop ex C18

C65                 1988 Volvo/White/GMC Cab Over truck tractor

C6?                 1996    International Truck Tractor    Mays Landing

Car 33             2004    Dodge Dakota Pick-up           Shop Forman

Car 45             2005    Dodge Durango                      K9 Unit

Car 46             2006    Dodge Dakota Pick-up           Staff car

Car 47             2005    Dodge Durango                      Staff car

New                2010    Ford Explorer                         Staff car

Car 48             2005    Ford F-350 4x4                       Service/repair

Car 49             2001    Ford F-350 4x4                       Service/repair

Car 71             2003    Chevy Pick-up                        S. Egg Harbor

Car 74             2002    Ford Pick-up                           Green Creek

MU 302          2010    Kamatsu D21p                        Woodbine

Old MU 302   1979    John Deere 350                       Mays Landing Shop

MU 304          1979    John Deere 350                       Millville

MU 305          1989    John Deere 400                       Millmay

MU 306          1979    John Deere 350                       Hammonton ex MU 312?

MU 307          1981    John Deere 350                       Oceanville

MU 308          1979    John Deere 350                       Laureldale ex MU306

MU 309          2002    John Deere 450                       Williamstown

MU 310          1979    John Deere 350                       Willow Grove

MU 311          1980    John Deere 350                       Atco

MU 312          1986    John Deere 350                       Spare @ MLS

MU 313          1979    John Deere 350 Wide Track   Mays Landing Shop

MU 314          1979    John Deere 350                       Spare @Mays Landing Shop

MU 315          1979    John Deere 350           Spare @ Mays Landing Shop ex MU305

MU 316          1986    John Deere 350                       Track loader @ MLS

MU 317          2010    John Deere 450                       Mays Landing Shop

MU 320          1981    John Deere 350                       OOS @ MLS

MU 321          1979    John Deere 350                       Parts @ MLS

MU 369          1984    Fiat-Allis Large Dozer           Mays Landing Shop OOS?

Old MU 308   1981    JD 350 OOS

Old MU 310   1979    JD 350 OOS

GR 2               1988    Gallon Grader

MU-340 ex 104 1969 John Deere 350 Tractor Plow Mays Landing R&D OOS

MU 326          198?    John Deere 350                       Track loader @ MLS

MU 330          1986    Gallon Grader                         Mays Landing Shop

MU 335                      Polaris ATV 6x6                    Mays Landing Shop

MU 336          1993    Honda Quad                           Mays Landing Shop

            ICP Trailer

                              ICP Trailer


Car 81             2005    Dodge Dakota Pick-up

Car 84             1992    Dodge Pick OOS?

Car 85             1997    Ford F-150 w/ rack

Car 90             2006    Dodge Pick-up 4-door            Staff car

86                    1982    Ford F-700 4x4/FTI 500/500

87                    1992    Amertek CF4000 4x4 CRF 1000/1200/Dry Chem./Halon

89                    1985    GMC Brigadier/Morgan box truck w/lift gate

Car 90             2006    Dodge Pick-up 4-door            Staff car

91                    2001    Ford Expedition

93                    1999    Chevy Tahoe 

94                    1998    Chevy 1500 pick-up

95                    1990    Ford dump truck

96                    1996    Ford E-350 van

97                    1998    Dodge mini-van

98                    2004    Chevy Pick-up Aviation

                        200? Chevy Blazer Gold

100                  1990  Oshkosh Fuel tender

101                  1990  Oshkosh Fuel tender

102                  1986    Chevy 4x4 flat bed w/ 500 Av. Fuel tender

103                  198?    Jeep CJ5 4x4 OOS

105                  1995    Chevy PU

106                  1995    Chevy S10 pick-up @ FREC (Jackson) Fire-wize

107                  1996    Chevy 3500 utility body Heli-tak

110                  2003    Chevy pick-up S-10 

                        1994    Chevy 4x4 Blazer

111                  1993?  AMC M35A3 6x6 cargo body w/ winch OOS

112                  199?    AMG M35A3 6x6 cargo body wo/winch


114                  1990    Ford    PU? OOS?

115                  1991    GMC utility body OOS

116                  1991    GMC flat bed OOS

                        1994    Chevy 4x4 Blazer

???                  1994    Ford F600 box truck

198?    Int. Paystar dump truck

MU 406          1972    Cat D7 Dozer

MU 410                      Grader OOS

MU 411          1970    Webco Grader

MU 415          1970    Pettibone Crane

MU 417          1970    Ford Front End Loader

MU 418          1980    John Deere loader/back hoe

MU 419          1985    Case Front End Loader

MU 420          1980    Case Front End Loader

MU 423          Track loader?

MU 424          19??    Allis Chambers forklift

MU 425          1983    John Deere 264 Front End Loader

MU 426          19??    NWM Tug

MU 427          1987    Forklift

MU 444          1970    Forklift

MU 4??           19??    Ingram Roller

MU???            1972    CAT D7

TL 2??                        Rehab trailer from Div B


Car 80             2009    Dodge PU

Car 80             2001    Dodge 4x4 Pick-up to Div A

Car 82             2004    Ford F-350 4x4           Service/repair truck

C64                 1989    Int.4900 6x6/05 Warren Forestry ramp Body

C65?               1987    International S 4x4 Flat bed 4x4 Gyro-track tow truck

C??                 1997    Volvo/White Expeidator tandem roll off

C??                 1989    Int.4900 6x6 truck tractor not yet in service

MU-422          2001    Gyro-Track

MU-423          2002    Marsh Master OOS? Returned to USF&WLS

MU-104          1969    John Deer 350 Tractor Plow   Mays Landing R&D OOS

MU-429          2007    Marsh Master (NJ Mosquito Comm.)

ANT 99          1969    Dodge WM 300 150/200 Antique Stored @ Div B Shop

ANT100         1970    Dodge W 300 150/200 Antique Stored @ Div B Shop

1979    CCC(AMC)/Fruhauf tri-axel dump

MU-428          2007    New Holland farm type tractor with mowing boom.

MU-429          2007    Marsh Master

Trenton Staff

Car D              2000    Ford LTD to Coyle Field

Car J               2007    Dodge Pick-up

Car K              2005    Dodge Durango

Car O              1999    Ford LTD

Car P               2005    Ford LTD

Car T              2008    Dodge 1500 4-door PU

Cart W            2004    Ford LTD

Car S               2005    Ford LTD


State Agencies with Cooperator Units

1M29              1986    Chevy M-1008 Pick-up 200   Bass River State Park Slip-on

1M44              1986    Dodge                         250      Brandon Byrne State Park Protection

4F9                 1985    Chevy M-1008           200      Allaire State Park Slip-on

B-437A           1988    Chevy 4x4                  200      Colliers Mills WMA full Protection

1985    Chevy M-1008 4x4 Island Beach State Park pick-up not in service


Division A

Andover Twsp. Fire Co.

B 22-81           1986    Chevy M-1008 4x4    150/200

Fredon Twsp. Fire Co.

B 27-81           1986    Chevy M-1008 4x4 SO 250/200

Green Twsp. Fire Co. OOS

Knowlton Twsp.

MP-                1989    Chevy C 4x4/Pierce    450/250 Mini-pumper

Hardyston Twsp

B-3131            1986    Chevy M-1008 4x4 SO          250/300

Hamburg Fire Dept.

                        1986    Chevy M-1008 4x4 PU SO    150/200

Newton Boro FD

U-806             1986    Chevy M-1008 4x4                150/200

West Milford Township

            Greenwood Forest Fire Co # 3

B-307?1986    Chevy M-1008 4x4 PU CO-OP         150/200           Field truck

            Apshawa Fire Co. #1

B-10?              1986    Chevy M-1008 4x4 PU CO-OP         no pump or tank yet.

Macopin Fire Co.#4 West Milford Twsp
B4                   1986    Chevy M-1008 4x4                150/200

Upper Greenwood Lake Fire Co.

            1986    Chevy 4x4 M-1008 SO         150/200

Mountainside FD

1984    Chevy M-1008 4x4 150/200

Vernon Twsp.

B-410              1986    Chevy M-1008           HP/250           OOS

Wantuge Fire Dept.

E-645              1985    Chevy M-1008 4x4    HP/250

Franklin Twsp.

56-82              1986    Chevy M-1008 4x4 PU

Washington Boro FD

57-82              1986    Chevy M-1008 4x4 PU

Division B

Bamber Lakes Fire Co. Lacey Twsp.

B5339             1970    Kaiser M35 6x6 250/500 

Cassville Fire Co. Jackson Twsp.

5639                1993    M35A3 6x6    150/1000

Forked River Fire Co. Lacey Twsp.

6907                1985    Dodge 4x4 pick-up 150/150

Glendola Fire Co. Wall

51-1-93           1973    Kaiser M35 6x6         250/500

52-2-99           1992    Amertek CF4000 4x4 CFR 1000/1200/Dry Chem/Halon

Manitou Park Fire Co. Berkeley Twsp.

1839                1970    Kaiser M35 6x6          250/750

Lakehurst Boro Fire Dept.

                        1988    Pierce Arrow              1000/750 type 1 class A engine

                        1993    AMG M35A3 6x6      150/500

Medford Twsp. FD

1969    Kaiser M52 6x6 tractor converted flat bed flood rescue unit

New Gretna Fire Co. Bass River Twsp.

4217                1970    Kaiser M35 6x6           250/500

North Side Fire Co. Tinton Falls

36-4-94           1983    AMC M35A2 6x6       250/600

Pine Brook Fire Co. Tinton Falls

36-3-93           1993    Kaiser M35A3 6x6     150/500

Pinewald Pioneer Fire Co.

2019                1957    CW M35 6x6  150/500

Tinton Falls Fire Co #1

36-1-94           1993    AMG M35A3 150/460

Waretown Fire Co. Ocean Twsp.

3609                1969    Kaiser M-291 6x6      350/1000 brush tanker

Warren Grove Fire Co. Stafford Twsp.

4818                1968    Kaiser M35 6x6          250/500

Helmetta Fire Dept.

B36-2              1993    AMG M35A3 6x6 not yet in service in shop for referb.

Monmouth Beach Fire Co.

33-87              1995    AMG M35A3  6x6     150/525

Holmdel Fire Co.

19-94              1992    AMG M35A3 6x6      100/500

Harvey Cedars Fire Co. High Point NJ.

????                1995    AMG M35A-3 6x6 High water unit

Ship Bottom Fire Co.

????                199?    AMG M35A3 6x6 350/500 brush tender

Beach Haven FD

????                1995 M929 6x6 dump truck not yet in service

Barnagat Light Fire Co.

????                1993? M35A3 6x6 high water unit.

Seabright FD

43-93              1995 M929 6x6 500 gwt field truck

Brevent Park & Leonardo Fire Co. (Middletown)

31-2-94           1995 M929 6x6 500 gwt.

Division C

Egg Harbor City FD

                        198?    GMC 4x4 light rescue

Collings Lakes Fire Co.

B23                 1986    Chevy M-1008 4x4 pick-up   200/200

Stone Harbor FD

1993 M35A3

Middle Township

Cape May Court House Fire Co.

                        1993    AMC M35A3 6x6

Green Creek Fire Co.

1992    AMC M35A3 6x6 flood rescue

Stone Harbor FD

                        1992    AMC M35A3 flood truck

Stratmre Fire Co

                        1995 M929 6x6 high water unit.



Delta   1          1953    Bell 47G2       N101MF 75 gal bucket@ Coyle Field

Delta   2          1975    Bell 206B Jet Ranger II N102NJ 100 gal Bambi Bucket @ Coyle

Delta   3          1969    Bell 206A/B Jet Ranger N103NJ       @ Coyle Field

Delta   5          1966    UH-1H Huey  N105NJ@ Coyle Field 300 gal Bambi Bucket

Delta   6          1966    UH-1H Huey  N106NJ @ Airoflex 300 gal Bambi Bucket

Delta   7          1974    UH-1H Huey  N107NJ @ Coyle Field 300 gal Bambi Bucket

Fix Wing

Delta 10          1986    Cessna 206     5 seat              NJ110NJ         Fix Wing

Delta 15          1966    Cessna 182     4 seat              N12854F         Fix Wing

Delta 16          1963    Super Club      2 seat              NJ116NJ         Fix Wing

NJ National Guard

Army Aviation Support Center @ Lakehurst NAS was Tranton-Mercer Airport.

4 Skikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters equipped with 600 gallon Bambi Buckets.


Division. A

Airoflex Airbase Andover Twsp. Sussex County

Alpha  1          300 gal.           AgCat                         Both Units cover all of Div. A

Alpha  2          300 gal.           AgCat

Division B

Coyle Field Air Attack Base Woodland Twsp. Burlington County No Contract Aircraft

 Bravo 1           600 gal            Air Tractor                  Sections all Div. B Sections

Division C

Downstown near Vineland Cumberland County.

Charley 1         600 gal           Air Tractor       Sections all Div. C Sections

Note Ag cats are crop dusters Bi-planes, that where built by Grumman and Schweizer from 1959-late 1990’s. All Downstown’s AgCats are gray and yellow or all yellow with NJ Forest Fire Service decals on sides. Downstown operates a fleet of 11 Agcats, but only 2 are under contract to the State, from March until end of May. In a dry spell or for large fires during other times of the year, Downstown can usually make available several AgCats through out the year. Any aircraft can be assigned during the Spring Fire Season, and other units maybe swapped out for repairs.

Two Air Tractors (A602) are under contract for 2011.


Division A

Tower 1 Ramapo Tower 50Ft.

 Near Wanaque on Passaic & Bergen Counties                       A2 (A5&NY)

Tower 2 Bearfort Tower 45 Ft.

 on Bear Ft. Mt. W.Milford, Passaic County                           A2, A5 (A1)

Tower 3 Culvers Tower 45Ft. 

Stokes State Forest, Sandyston, Sussex County                    A1 (PA,NY)


Tower 4 Budd Lake Tower 65 Ft.

 Mt. Olive Twsp. Morris County                                         A6,A3, (A4,A8,A7)

Tower 5 Greystone Tower 100Ft.

Union Hill, Morris Plains, Greystone Hosp., Morris Cty.      A7 A8,(A5,B10)

Tower 6 Catfish Tower 45Ft.

Del. Watergap Blairstown, Warren County.                   A3(A6,PA)

Tower 7 Milton Tower        65 Ft  

  Jefferson Tswp. Morris County                                  A4(A5)

Picatinny Arsenal Tower Jefferson Twsp. Morris County not in service, but can be used.

Division B

Tower 8 Lakewood Tower 85 Ft.

 Mass. Ave. Lakewood Ocean County                                  B7,B8,B9(B6,B10)

Tower 9 Jamesburg Tower 65Ft.

 Perrineville Rd. Thomspson Cty. Park

 Monroe Middlesex Cty.                                                          B10,A7 (B9,A8)

Tower 10 Medford Tower 100 Ft.

        Rt 541 near Stokes Rd. Medford Burl. Cty.                              B1,B3(B2,C11)

Tower 11 Lebanon Tower 85 Ft.

 Rt.72 Woodland Twsp Burlington Cty.                         B3,B6,(B5,B2)

Tower 12 OOS was Farmingdale Tower, Later Bear Swamp Tower

Tower 13 Cedar Bridge Tower 110 Ft.

Rt. 539 Lacey Twsp. Ocean Cty.                                            B7,B5,B4,B2

Tower 14 Batsto Tower 100Ft.

 Batsto Village, Washington Twsp. Burlington County.         B2(B4,C8,C6)

Tower 15 Bass River Tower 85Ft.

            E.Greenbush Rd. Bass River Twsp. Burl. Cty. Bass River St. Forest B4,B2,C7

Tower 16 Apple Pie Hill Tower 65 Ft.

            Applejack Rd. Tabernacle Twsp. Near Chatsworth Burlington County. B1,B2,B3


Division C

Tower 17 Belleplaine Tower 85 Ft.

            Belleplaine St. Forest , near Woodbine, Cape May County.              C2(C4,C5,C6)

Tower 18 Blue Anchor 85Ft.

            Rt.73 & Rt. 572 Winslow Twsp. Camden County.                            C11,C6,C9

Tower 19 Dias Creek Tower 85Ft.

            Rt 47 Middle Twsp.                                                                            C1,C2

Tower 20 Mckeetown Tower 100Ft.

            Rt. 40 Egg Harbor Twsp. Atlantic County                              C6,C7,(C4,C5)

Tower 21 Millville Tower 100Ft.

            Millville City Cumberland County                                                     C3,C10,(C9)

Tower 22 Mizpah Tower 100 Ft.

            RT. 40 in Mizpah, Hamiliton Twsp. Atlantic County                        C4,C5,(C9)


State of New York

Sterling Tower            Near Greenwood Lake NY                                         A1&A2

Commonwealth of Pennsylvina

Buckhorn Tower         Pinchot Estates Near Pond Eddy, Pike County, PA. A1

High Knob Tower      Rt 402 Near Porters Lake, Pike County, PA              A1

Big Poncono Tower  Near Camelback Mt. in Tannersville, Monroe County, PA                                                                                                                                      A3,A6

Pohopoco Tower        Rt 115 Blakelee, Near Fernridge, Monroe County, PA                                                                                                                                              A3,A6


State Headquarters                 501 East State St. Trenton

Aviation Headquarters            Coyle Field Rt 72 Woodland Twsp. Burlington County

North Jersey Air Base            Aerflex Airport, Andover , Sussex County

South Jersey Air Strip            Strawberry Field, Hamilton Twsp. Atlantic County

Research and Development    Rt. 40 & Atlantic Ave. Mays Landing, Atlantic County

Division A HQ & Shop          Rt 206 Andover Twsp. Sussex County

Division B HQ & Shop          Brendan Byrne State Forest, Woodland , Burlington Cty.

Division C HQ & Shop          Rt 40 Atlantic Ave., Mays Landing, Atlantic County

Forest Resource and Education Center Rt. 527 Holmansville office/ helistop                                                                       Jackson Twsp. Ocean County.


Note some municipalities are covered by several sections.


Covers from Middlesex County north of the Raritan River to the New York State Line.

Counties that are covered in the primary areas.

Bergen                        Essex              Hudson           Hunterdon       Morris

Passaic                        Sommerset      Sussex            Mercer 

Middlesex north of the Raritan River.

Section A1



EngineA21     EngineA23

WT A41 

Sussex County

Franklin BoroHampton Twsp.Hardyston Twsp.Lafayette Twsp.

Montague Twsp.Sussex BoroSandyston Twsp.Vernon Twsp.

            Wantage Twsp.           Frankford Twsp.         Hamburg Boro


Section A2

Engine A2      EngineA16

EngineA17     EngineA22

WT A 28

MU 102

 Bergen County

Franklin LakesMahwah Twsp.Oakland BoroRamsey

Upper Saddle RiverWyckoff

Morris County

Riverdale BoroButler

Passaic County

Blommingdale BoroN.HaledonRingwood Boro.Wanaque

Wayne Twsp.West Milford Twsp.Pompton Lakes

Sussex County

Vernon Twsp.

Section A3

EngineA3       Engine A9

Engine A11    EngineA13

Sussex County

Andover Boro& TownshipByram Twsp.Fredon Twsp.

Green Twsp.Hampton Twsp.Newton BoroStillwater Twsp.

Frankford Twsp.         Walpack Twsp.           Standhope Twsp

Warren County

Allumunchy Twsp.BlairstownFrelighuysen Twsp.Hardwick Twsp.

Hope Twsp.Knowlton Twsp..

Morris County

Mt. Olive Twsp.Netcong

Section A4


EngineA4       EngineA10


Morris County

Chester Twsp & BoroDover BoroMt. Arlington

RoxburyTwsp. Mt. ArlingtonMt. Olive Twsp.

Jefferson Twsp.Mine Hill Twsp.NetcongWharton Boro


Sussex County

Andover Twsp.& Boro Bryam Twsp.Hamburg Boro Hampton Twsp.Hardyston Twsp.Hopatcong BoroLafayette Twsp.Newton Boro

Franklin BoroOgdensburg Sparta Twsp.Stanhope Twsp.

Passaic County

West Milford Twsp.

Section A5


EngineA5       Engine A14


WT A29         MU 101

 Essex County

Fairfield Twsp.LivingstonRoselandW.Caldwell

Morris County

Boonton Twsp.ButlerDenville Chester

E.Hanover Twsp.GilletteHanover Twsp.Jefferson Twsp.

Kinnelon BoroLincoln ParkMendhamMontvilleMorris PlainsMorris Twsp.Mt. LakesNew VernonParsippany-Troy HillsPequannock Twsp.Randolph Twsp.RiverdaleRockaway BoroRockaway Twsp.Stirling

Passaic County

West Milford Twsp.   Wayne Twsp.

Somerset County

Basking Ridge

Section A6


EngineA6       EngineA12

EngineA26     EngineA27

 Hunterdon County

Alexandria Twsp.Bethlehem Twsp.Clinton Twsp.Delaware Twsp.

High Bridge BoroHolland Twsp.Kingwood Twsp.Lebanon Twsp.

Readington Twsp.Tewsbury Twsp.Union Twsp.

Morris County

Chester Twsp.Mt. Olive Twsp.Washington Twsp.

Warren County

Franklin Twsp.Greenwich Twsp.HackettstownHarmony Twsp.

Independence Twsp.Liberty Twsp.Lopatcong Twsp.Mansfield Twsp.

Oxford Twsp.Pohatcong Twsp.Washington Twsp.White Twsp.

Section A7


EngineA7       EngineA15


 Somerset County

Bedminster Twsp.Bernards Twsp.Bernardsville BoroBound Brook Boro

Branchburg Twsp.Bridgewater Twsp.Far Hills BoroFranklin Twsp.

Green Brook Twsp.Hillsboro Twsp.Manville BoroMillstone BoroMontgomery Twsp.N. Plainfield BoroPeapack-GladstoneRaritan BoroRocky Hill BoroSomerville BoroS. Bound Brook BoroWarren Twsp.

Watchung Boro

Union County

Berkley Heights Twsp. Mountainside Boro,Scotch Plains Twsp.

Section A8


Engine A20     Engine A8

Engine A30     WT A25

 Hunterdon County

Alexandria Twsp.Bloombury BoroClinton Twsp.Delaware Twsp.E.Amwell Twsp.FlemmingtonFranklin Twsp.

Frenchtown BoroHolland Twsp.Kingwood Twsp.Lambertville CityLebanon Boro & Twsp.Millford BoroRaritan Twsp.

Readington Twsp.Stockton BoroUnion Twsp.W.Amwell Twsp.

Warren County

Alpha Boro, Greenwich Twsp. Pohatcong Twsp.

. Mercer County

Hopewell Twsp.         Hopewell Boro           Pennington Boro Lawrence Twsp.


From the Raritan River South to the Mullica River.


Burlington, Middlesex South of the Raritan River, Monmouth, & Ocean

Section B1


EngineB1       EngineB24

EngineB40     DT      B41 W/MU 201

WT      B26

Burlington County

Evesham Twsp.Medford Twsp.Medford Lakes Boro Shamong Twsp.

Southampton TownshipTabernacle Twsp.

Section B2


EngineB2       EngineB11

EngineB12     EngineB14

EngineB28     DT      B46 W/MU 202

Engine Type 4x B30 W/MU 212

Engine 1M29 Bass River State Park Co-op

Burlington County

Bass River Twsp.Washington Twsp.Woodland Twsp.

Section B3


EngineB3       EngineB16

EngineB23     DT B50 W/MU 203

Burlington County

Pemberton Twsp.Southampton Twsp.Tabernacle Twsp.

Woodland Twsp.

Section B 4


EngineB4       EngineB19     B55 support unit

EngineB27     Engine type 4 B51 W/MU 204

1M29 Bass River State Forest Co-op unit

Burlington County

Bass River Twsp.

Ocean County

Barnegat Twsp.Little Egg Harbor Twsp.Stafford Twsp.

Tuckerton Boro

Section B5


EngineB5       EngineB20

EngineB35     EngineB18

Engine Type 4x B47 W/MU 205

Car 55 Pick-up with fuel pod

Burlington County

Woodland Twsp.

Ocean County

Barnegat Twsp.Lacey Twsp.Manchester Twsp.Ocean Twsp.

Section B6


EngineB6       EngineB13

EngineB22     EngineB31

EngineB38     Engine Type 4 B42 w/mu 206

Engine 1M44 Byern State Forest Co-op unit

Burlington County

Pemberton TwspWoodland Twsp.

Ocean County

Manchester Twsp.

Section B7


EngineB7       EngineB32

EngineB33     EngineB39

WT B15 w/mu 207

Ocean County

Beachwood BoroBerkeley Twsp.Toms River Twsp.Lakehurst Boro

Manchester Twsp.Ocean Gate BoroPine Beach BoroS.Toms River Boro

Island Beach State Park

Section B8


EngineB8       EngineB34

EngineB36     EngineB43

Engine Type 4x B49 w/mu 208

Engine 4F9 Allaire State Park Co-op

Monmouth County

Colts Neck Twsp.Howell Twsp.Eatontown BoroFarmingdale BoroFreehold Twsp.Ocean Twsp.Neptune Twsp.

Tinton Falls Boro Wall Twsp.

Ocean County

Brick Twsp.Lakewood Twsp.Pt. Pleasant Boro

Section B9


EngineB9       EngineB17

EngineB21     Dump truck B59 w/mu 209

Engine (F&G) 437A Colliers Mills WMA Co-op unit

Monmouth County

Freehold Twsp.Howell Twsp.Millstone Twsp.Roosevelt Boro

Upper Freehold Twsp.

Ocean County

Jackson Twsp.Lakewood Twsp.Manchester Twsp.

Section B10


EngineB10     EngineB25

EngineB37     Engine Type 4 B44 w/mu 210

Middlesex County

East Brunswick Twsp.Helmetta BoroJamesburg BoroMonroe Twsp.

Old Bridge Twsp.Sayerville BoroSouth BrunswickSpotswood

Monmouth County

Englishtown BoroFreehold Twsp.Manalapan Twsp.

Marlboro Twsp.


South of the Mullica River


Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, & Salem

Section C1


EngineC1       EngineC1A    EngineC41

Cape May County

Avalon BoroCape May CityCape May PointDennis Twsp.

Lower Twsp.Middle Twsp.Ocean CitySea Isle City

W.Cape MayUpper Twsp.

Section C2


EngineC2       EngineC17 w/MU 302


Cape May County

Dennis Twsp.Woodbine BoroUpper Twsp.

Cumberland County

Maurice River Twsp.

Section C3


EngineC3       EngineC28


Cumberland County

Bridgeton CityCommercial Twsp.Downe Twsp. Fairfield Twsp.

Fairfield Twsp.Lawrence Twsp.Millville City

Section C4


EngineC4       EngineC4A

EngineC15 w/MU 304           WT     C24

Atlantic County

Buena Boro.               Buena Vista Twsp.

Cumberland County

Maurice River, Millville City, Vineland City.

Section C5


EngineC5       EngineC16

EngineC5A    MU 305

Atlantic County

Buena Vista Twsp.Corbin CityEstelle Manor City

Hamilton Twsp.Weymouth Twsp.

Section C6


EngineC6       EngineC6A

EngineC26     Engine Type 4 C13 W/MU 306

Atlantic County

Folsolm Boro, Hammonton Twsp., Mullica Twsp.

Camden County

Waterford Twsp. Winslow Twsp.

Gloucester County

Monroe Twsp.

Section C7


EngineC7       EngineC21

 Engine C50 W/MU 307

Atlantic County

Egg Harbor Twsp.Hamilton Twsp.Linwood BoroNorthfield City

Absecon CityPort Republic City Galloway TwspPleasantville CitySomers Point

Section C8


EngineC8       EngineC8A

EngineC22     WT C30 W/MU 308

Atlantic County

Egg Harbor CityHamilton Twsp.Galloway Twsp.Hammonton Boro

Mullica Twsp.

Section C9



EngineC25     WT C18 w/ MU 309

Atlantic County

Buena BoroBuena Vista Twsp.Folsom BoroHamilton Twsp.

Gloucester County

Clayton BoroFranklin Twsp.GlassboroMonroe Twsp.

Newfield BoroWashington Twsp.

Section C10


EngineC10     EngineC10A   MU 310

Cumberland County

Deerfield Twsp.Fairfield Twsp.Millville CityStow Creek Twsp.

Upper Deerfield Twsp.

                                                            Gloucester County

Elk Twsp.Franklin Twsp.

Salem County

Alloway Twsp.Lower Alloways Creek Twsp.Pittsgrove Twsp.

Quinton Twsp.Upper Pittsgrove Twsp.

Section C11


EngineC11     EngineC11A

EngineC29     WT C20 W/MU 311

Camden County

Berlin BoroBerlin Twsp.Chesihurst BoroClementon Boro

GibbsboroGloucester Twsp.Lindenwold BoroPine Hill Boro

Voorhees Twsp.Waterford Twsp.Winslow Twsp.

Gloucester County

Monroe Twsp.Washington Twsp.

Municipalities by Counties in Forest Fire Service’s Primary Response Areas


Absecon CityBuena BoroBuna Vista Twsp.Corbin City

Egg Harbor CityEgg Harbor TwspEstelle Manor CityFolsom Boro

Galloway Twsp.Hamilton Twsp.HammontonLinwood Boro

Mullica Twsp.Northfield CityPleasantville CityPort Republic

Sommers PointWeymouth Twsp.


Franklin Lakes BoroMahwah Twsp.Oakland BoroRamsey Boro

Upper Saddle RiverWyckoff Boro


Bass River Twsp.Evesham Twsp.Medford Twsp.Medford Lakes Boro

Pemberton Twsp.Shamong Twsp.Southampton Twsp.Tabernacle Twsp.

Washington Twsp.Woodland Twsp.

Note Hainesport has the Rancoucous State Park; wich would be protected by the FFS.


Berlin BoroChesilhurst BoroClementon BoroGibbsboro Boro

Gloucester Twsp.LindenwoldPine Hill BoroVoorhees Twsp.

Waterford Twsp.Winslow Twsp.



Avalon BoroCape May CityCape May PointDennis Twsp.

Lower Twsp.Middle Twsp.Ocean CitySea Isle City

Upper Twsp.West Cape May BoroWoodbine Boro






Bridgeton CityCommercial Twsp.Deerfield Twsp.Downe Twsp.

Fairfield Twsp.Lawrence Twsp.Maurice River Twsp.Millvile City

Stow Creek Twsp.Upper Deerfield Twsp.Vineland City



FairfieldLivingstonRoeslandWest Caldwell



Clayton BoroElk Twsp.Franklin Twsp.GlassboroMonroe Twsp.

Washington Twsp.



No Municipalities




Alexandria Twsp.Bethlehem Twsp.Clinton Twsp.Delaware Twsp.

E. Amwell Twsp.Frenchtown BoroFranklin Twsp.High Bridge Boro

Holland Twsp.             Kingwood Twsp.

Lambertville BoroLebanon Twsp.Readington Twsp.Tewksbury Twsp.

Union Twsp.W.Amwell Twsp.Raritan Twsp.Stockton Boro




Hopewell Twsp.Hopewell BoroLawrence Twsp. Pennington Boro



E. Brunswick Twsp.Monroe Twsp.Old Bridge Twsp.Sayerville Boro

S. Brunswick Twsp.

Note these other municipalities are not official listed.

Helmetta BoroJamesburg BoroSpotswood BoroSouth River Boro.



Freehold Twsp.Howell Twsp.Manalapan Twsp.Marlboro Twsp.

Millstone Twsp.Ocean Twsp.Roosevelt BoroTinton Falls Boro

Wall Twsp.

Note these other municipalities are not officialy listed.

Colts Neck Twsp.Eatontown BoroEnglishtown BoroFarmingdale Boro

Neptune Twsp.Upper Freehold Twsp.


Boonton Twsp.Butler BoroChatham Boro Chatham Twsp.

Chester Twsp.Chester BoroDenville Twsp.

Dover BoroEast Hanover Twsp.Hanover Twsp.Harding Twsp.

Jefferson Twsp.Kinnelon BoroLincoln Park BoroMadison BoroMendham Twsp.Mine Hill Twsp.MontvilleTwsp.Morris Twsp.Morristown City

Morris Plains BoroMt. Arlington Boro

Mt. Olive Twsp.Mt. Lakes BoroNetcong BoroParrsippany-Troy Hills Twsp.Passaic Twsp.

Penquannock Twsp.Randolph Twsp.Riverdale Boro

Rockaway Twsp.Roxbury Twsp.Washington Twsp.



Barnegat Twsp.Beachwood BoroBerkeley Twsp.Brick Twsp.

Eagleswood Twsp.Jackson Twsp.Lcey Twsp.

Lakehurst BoroLakewood Twsp.Little Egg Harbor Twsp.Manchester Twsp.Ocean Gate BoroOcean Twsp.

Pine Beach BoroPlumsted Twsp.Point Pleasant Boro

S. Toms River BoroStafford Twsp.Toms River Twsp.Tckerton Boro



Bloomingdale BoroNorth Haledon BoroRingwood Boro

Wanaque BoroWayne Twsp.W.Millford Twsp.



Alloways Twsp.Lower Alloways Creek Twsp.Pittsgrove Twsp.

Quinton Twsp.Upper Pittsgrove Twsp.



Bedminster Twsp.Bernards Twsp.Bernardsville

Bridgewater Twsp.Bound Brook BoroBranchburg Twsp.

Green Book Twsp.Far Hills BoroFranklin Twsp.

Hillsborough Twsp.Manville BoroMllstone Boro

Maontgomery Twsp.N. Plainfield CityRaritan BoroPea Pack-Gladstone

Rocky Hill BoroSommerville BoroS. Bound Brook Boro

Warren Twsp.Watchung Boro









Andover Twsp.Andover BoroByram Twsp.Frankford Twsp.

Franklin BoroFredon TwspGreen Twsp.

Hampton Twsp.Hardyston Twsp.Hopatcong Boro

Lafayette Twsp.Montague Twsp.Newton Boro

Ogdensburg BoroPompton Lakes BoroSandyston Twsp.Sparta Twsp.

Stillwater Twsp.Vernon Twsp.Wallpack Twsp.Wantage Twsp.Standhope Twsp.



Berkeley Heights BoroScotch Plains Twsp.

Note Watchung Mt. Reserve in Mountainside and New Providence is in the primary response area.



Allamuchy Twsp.Blairstown Twsp.Franklin Twsp.Frelinghuysen Twsp.Greenwich Twsp.Hackettstown

Hardwick Twsp.Harmony Twsp.Hope Twsp.Independence Twsp.

Knowlton Twsp.Liberty Twsp.Lopatcong Twsp.

Mansfield Twsp.Oxford Twsp.Pohatcong Twsp.Washington Twsp.



Absecon          Allowoay Twsp.         Alexandria Twsp.       Allamunchy Twsp.

Andover Twsp.           Andover Boro             Avalon Boro


Barnagat         Bass River Twsp.       Beachwood Boro        Bedminster Twsp.

Berkeley Twsp.          Berkeley Heights        Berlin Boro                 Bernards Twsp.

Bernardsville  Betheham Twsp.         Bloomingdale Boro                Boonton Twsp.



Cape May City           Cape Mays Point        Chesihurst Boro          Chatham Boro

Chatham Twsp.          Chester Twsp.             Chester Boro              Clyton Boro

Clementon Boro         Clinton Twsp.             Commercial Twsp.     Corbin City

Colts Neck 


Deerfield Twsp.          Delaware Twsp.         Dennis Twsp.             Denville Twsp.

Downe Twsp.             Dover Boro


Eagleswood Twsp.     E.Amwell Twsp.        E.Brunswick Twsp.    Egg Harbor Twsp.

Egg Harbor City         Elk Twsp.                   Estell Manor               Evesham Twsp.

Eatontown Boro         Englishtown Boro       East Hanower Twsp.




Fairfield Twsp.           Fair Hills Boro           Folsom Boro               Frankford Twsp.

Franklin Boro             Franklin Twsp. Gloucester County 

Franklin Twsp. Hunterdon County     Franklin Twsp Somerset County 

Franklin Twsp. Warren County          Freehold Twsp.                       Frelinghuysen Twsp.

Fairfield Boro Essex County              Farmingdale Boro


Galloway Twsp.         Gibbsboro       Glassboro                   Gloucester Twsp.

Green Twsp.               Green Brook Twsp.                Greenwich Twsp. Warren County


Hackettstown   Hamilton Twsp. Atlantic County             Hampton Twsp. 

Hardston Twsp.          Hardwick Twsp.         Harmony Twsp.          High Bridge Boro

Hillsborough Twsp.    Holland Twsp.            Hope Twsp.                Hopatcong Boro

Hopewell Boro           Hopewell Twsp.         Howell Twsp.


Independence Twsp. 


Jackson Twsp.            Jefferson Twsp.          Jamesburg Boro


Kingwood Twsp.        Kinnelon Boro            Knowlton Twsp.


Lacey Twsp.               Lafayette Twsp.          Lakehurst Boro           Lambertville Boro

Lawrence Twsp.Cumberland County             Lawrence Twsp. Mercer County        Livingston                  Lebanon Twsp.           Lebanon Boro

Liberty Twsp.             Lindenwold Boro       Linwood Boro

Little Egg Harbor Twsp.         Lopatcong twsp.         Lower Twsp. 

Lower Alloways Creek Twsp.            Lincoln Park               Long Hill Twsp.


Madison Boro             Mahwah twsp.            Manalapan Twsp.       Manchester Twsp.

Mansfield Twsp.Warren Twsp.          Manville Boro            Maurice River Twsp.

Medford Twsp.           Medford Lakes Boro              Mendham Twsp.

Mendham Boro          Middle Twsp.             Mine Hill Twsp.         Millstone Twsp.

Millstone Boro           Millville City              Monroe Twsp. Gloucester Twsp.

Monroe Twsp. Middlsex County        Mountainside Boro                 Montgomery Twsp.

Montville Twsp.         Morris Twsp.              Morristown City         Morris Plains Boro

Mt. Arlington             Mt. Lakes Boro           Mt. Olive Twsp.         Mullica Twsp.

Mountanside Boro 




Newfield Boro            Newton Boro              New Providence         North Heldon

Northfield City           North Plainfield City  Neptune Twsp.


Oakland Boro             Ocean City                  Ocean Twsp. Monmouth County

Ocean Twsp. Ocean County               Ocean Gate Boro                    Ogdensburg Boro

Old Bridge Twsp.       Oxford Twsp.


Parsippany-Troy Hills Twsp.             Passaic Twsp.             Peapack-Gladston

Pemberton Twsp.        Pennington Boro         Pequannock Twsp.     Pine Beach Boro

Pine Hill Boro            Pittsgrove Twsp.         Pt. Pleasant Boro        Port Republic


Quinton Twsp.


Ramsey                       Randolph Twsp.         Readington Twsp.      Ringwood Twsp.

Riverdale Boro                       Rockaway Twsp.        Rockaway Boro 

Roosevelt Boro                       Roxbury Twsp.           Rocky Hill Boro         Raritan Boro

Raritan Twsp.                         Roseland Boro


Sandyston Twsp.                    Sayreville Boro           Sea Isle City 

Shomong Twsp.                     Sommers Point           Somerville Boro

SouthamptonTwsp.                 S.Toms River             Scotch Plans Twsp.

South Bound Brook Boro       Sparta Twsp.               Stafford Twsp. Ocean County

Stillwater Twsp.                     Stow Creek Twsp.      Standhope Twsp. 

Spotswood Boro                     South River Boro


Tamernacle Twsp.                  Tewksbury Twsp.       Tinton Falls Boro 

Tuckerton Boro                      Toms River Township ( ex Dover Twsp)


Union Twsp.               Upper Twsp.               Upper Freehold Twsp. 

Upper Pitts Grove Twsp.        Upper Saddle River Twsp.


Vernon Twsp.             Vineland


Wallpack Twsp.          Wantage Twsp.           Washington Twsp. BurlingtonCounty

Washington Twsp. Gloucester County           Washington Twsp. Morris County

Washington Twsp. Warren County                         Warren Twsp. 

Wayne Twsp.                                     Wallpack Twsp.

Watchung Boro          Waterford Twsp.        West Caldwell Twsp. West Milford Twsp.

Weymouth Twsp.       Winslow Twsp.          Woodland Twsp.